Home Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes, it will be when you least expect it. No matter how well-prepared we are, one storm or one fire can cause an until amount of damage to your home. In order to get your life back on track, you’ll need a Maryland contractor that is well-versed in home damage repairs to restore your house to the way it was.

Damage Repair Services

Here at Stone Guys, our home damage repair services can not only restore your home but make it even better than it was before. Whether it’s a fire, a tornado, or a flood, we will help you clean up and rebuild in as little time as possible. We will find the areas that have been impacted by the disaster, then create a plan to properly restore your home to code.


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Water Damage Repairs

While we can help you recover from nearly any type of disaster, water damage is the most common type of disaster that you as a homeowner might have to face. It can also cause lasting injury to a home, leading to mold, mildew, and structural damage later on. Thankfully, we at Stone Guys have years of expertise dealing with residential water damage. No matter if it’s caused by a recent storm or frozen pipes, Stone Guys can restore your home to its former glory.

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