Specialty Shapes

Specialty Shapes

White Quarry Savona Honed
White Matte 2×2 Hexagon Mosaic
White Glossy Arabesque
White Glossy 2×2 Hexagon Mosaic
Whisper White Arabesque 8mm
Whisper White 2inch Hexagon 8mm
Vista Azul Hexagon 6mm
Urban Tapestry Hexagon 6mm
Elaio 2inch Hexagon Honed
Teardrop Tuxe 6mm
Stonella Hexagon
Statuario Matte 2×2 Hexagon Mosaic
Statuario Celano Hexagon 6mm
Statuario 2” Hexagon Matte Pietra Porcelain
Soho Stax 8mm
Silver Travertine 3inch Hexagon Honed
Silva Oak 2inch Hexagon 6mm
Sandhills Hexagon 6mm
Royal Link
Rhombix Nero Polished
Rhombix Dove Polished
Retro Nero Scallop 8mm Glossy
Retro Nero 1 Hexagon 6mm Glossy
Retro Fretwork Polished
Retro Bianco Arabesque 6mm Matte
Portico Pearl Arabesque 8mm
Pebble Arabesque 8mm
Morning Fog Ogee Pattern 8mm
Morning Fog Arabesque 8mm
Monterra Blend 3inch Hexagon 8mm
Mochachino Hexagon Pattern 3mm
Metropolitan Picket
Marbella Lynx Polished
Marbella Diamond
La Fluer
Kensington 1inch Hexagon 8mm
Honeycomb 2inch Hexagon Multi Finish
Hexham Blend 1inch Hexagon 8mm
Hexagono Nero Polished
Hexagono Grigio Polished
Henley 2inch Hexagon Multi Finish
Greecian White Arabesque Pattern Polished
Greecian White 3inch Hexagon Polished
Greecian White 1inch Hexagon Polished
Gray Glossy Arabesque Mosaic
Georama Nero Polished
Georama Grigio Polished
Framework 2×4 Polished
Fog Arabesque 6mm
Danza Arabesque
Cresta Blanco 8mm
Circa Zirconia 3inch Hexagon Pattern 8mm
Cecily Pattern Polished
Carrara White Trapezoid Pattern Polished
Carrara White Faceted Polished
Carrara White Blanco Pattern Honed
Carrara White Basketweave Pattern Honed
Carrara White 3×12 Picket Honed
Arabescato Venato
Carrara White 2inch Hexagon Honed
Carrara Matte 2×2 Hexagon Mosaic
Carrara White 1×2 Herringbone Honed
Carrara 2” Hexagon Matte Pietra Porcelain
Calacatta Matte 2×2 Hexagon Mosaic
Calacatta Gold 1inch Hexagon Polished
Calacatta Cressa Leaf Pattern Honed
Calacatta Cressa Arabesque Honed
Calacatta Blanco Scallop Polished
Calacatta Cressa 2inch Hexagon Honed
Calacatta 2” Hexagon Matte Pietra Porcelain
Calacatta Blanco Pattern Polished
Calacata Gold 2inch Hexagon Polished
Blue Shimmer Arabesque 8mm
Blanco Lynx
Arabescato Carrara
Bianco Starlite Polished
Bianco Dolomite Lynx Polished
Bianco Dolomite Pinwheel Polished
Bianco Dolomite Geometrica Polished
Bianco Dolomite Dotty Polished
Bianco Dolomite Crema Dotty Polished
Bianco Dolomite 2inch Hexagon Polished
Bellagio Blend Elongated Hexagon Honed
Bianco Arabesque 6mm
Azula Hex
Azula Hatchwork
Azula Floret
Azul Scallop 8mm
Artisan Taupe Arabesque 8mm
Arctic Storm Arabesque Multi Finish
Arabescato Carrara 3×12 Picket Honed
Arabescato Carrara 2inch Hexagon Honed
Arabescato Carrara 1inch Hexagon Honed
Antique White Elongated Hexagon 8mm
Antique White Arabesque 8mm
Angora Framework Subway Polished


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