Whole House Remodeling

If your home is a bit of a fixer-upper, then a whole-house remodel may be precisely what you need. Whole-house renovations are when 50% or more of your home requires remodeling. It can be used for homes that are completely dilapidated, or for families who need new accommodations but don’t want to move to a different location.

Whole-House Renovations for Bowie, MD

Renovating your entire home can be an enormous undertaking. However, a big project produces a big reward. You will be able to live in the home of your dreams without dealing with the hassle of the real estate market. Plus, the older urban and suburban homes found in the Bowie and Crofton, MD, areas are perfect for whole-house renovations, as they have great foundations that just need a bit of updating.

Here at Stone Guys,

we offer a wide variety of services that we can bring to a whole house remodeling project, such as:


Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Finished Basements
Custom Additions
Garage Conversions
And more..


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Whole House Remodeling Contractors

A whole-home remodel may be exactly what your home needs. Just make sure that you have the right contractors for the job. After all, by remodeling your entire home, you will need someone who has the knowledge and experience to create a master plan and execute it to perfection. The team at Stone Guys has dealt with an enormous array of projects and remodels, making us well-suited to almost any type of renovation. We have even spent time renovating the Levitt & Sons homes in Bowie, MD.

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